Paper Craft

"Making Paper Naturally - Improving Lives Sustainably"

About us:

 Paper Craft produces hand made paper products, created from natural raw materials. Based in Uganda, the company uses the likes of banana fibres, pineapple tops and elephant grass to make useful products – from corporate gifts to wedding invitations. Natural hand made soaps and recycled glass beads are also available. 

Paper Craft was set up in 2006, with a view to providing a sustainable income for socially disadvantaged Ugandans through the production and sale of these products. The business also provides an income to local farmers, who supply raw materials that would otherwise be disposed of. 

Paper Craft is an environmentally aware and sustainable business. All products are made from natural or recycled material and our workers are treated very well. 

Wherever you are in the world, if you would like to sell Paper Craft products, we can ship them to you. Please contact Harriet with details of your company and she will send you our wholesale price list. 
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Paper Craft 
Bwebajja,Entebbe Road,

0782 224026

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