Elelloang Basali Weavers

Teyateyaneng, Lesotho

"Partnership of Basotho women weaving mohair rugs, tapestries, bags, table mats and other products."

About us

 The Elelloang Basali Weavers are a partnership of Basotho women who weave mohair rugs, tapestries, bags, table mats and other products. Their high quality weavings are washed, dyed, mothproofed, woven and finished in their Lesotho studio using local hand spun mohair. These truly unique pieces make wonderful gifts and add a lovely touch to your home or office! 

Lesotho, known as "The Kingdom in the Sky" is a tiny landlocked country surrounded by South Africa. This group of highly skilled women work from a building made of recycled cans outside the town of Teyateyaneng, on the road between Lesotho's capital Maseru and the Maluti Mountains. 

Since 1997 the women of the partnership have been working to take control of their lives and improve the quality of life for their children. The proceeds from every purchase go back to the women of the partnership to assist them paying school fees and medical bills and what's left goes back into the development of the partnership. 


Our Products

The designs celebrate Basotho cultural heritage, through the use of Basotho Litema paterns which were drawn into the walls of traditional Lesotho homes. The weavers specialize in custom orders and company logos and can also ship internationally. Travelers and customers are invited to visit and browse the showroom and take a tour of the studio.


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Elelloang Basali Weavers


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