Albe Farms

 Aburi, Ghana 

"We provide fresh pineapples, Ginger, pepper, Mangoes, Pawpaw and cashew"

About us:

 Albe farms is farming and export marketing Enterprise based in Nsawam and Aburi with specialization in fresh fruits and vegetables.

The mission of Albe Farms is to:

“deliver the best quality fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers as to their requirements and also commit to the economic and social development of the communities in our areas of operation”.

Albe Farms is committed to the following values in fulfilling and realizing the Mission and the Vision statements respectively. The behavior of all staff in ALBE FARMS is influenced by these values

Integrity and Honesty
Hard work
Passion for Excellence

Albe Farms has three main Sections namely Farming, Processing and Marketing, with the sole aim of producing and marketing quality products to meet the expectations and requirements of the international markets.

Albe Farms has been managing its own resources very judiciously for the purposes of growth and profitability. Thus, the business has put in place the appropriate organizational and management structures that have ensured the smooth running of the business. The Management is headed by a Managing Director who exercises the full managerial authority of the Business.
The key management staff of Albe Farms is made up of the:

Managing Director
Project Manager
Farm Manager and Logistics Officer

The Board of Directors is made up of five competent and astute business Advisors who meet periodically to advise management...
Contact Details
Albe Farms

AMF 46 Amanfro, Nsawam - Aburi Road
Eastern Region / Akuapim South Distric

00233 287 904988

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