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# 10274 Kampala, Uganda (see contact information)

"Personal Care Products"

About us:

Headquartered in Uganda, Wispro is an established manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of personal care products in East Africa. The company is recognized for its economic contributions through the receipt of numerous awards and continues to be a leader in its field through investment and innovation.

While Wispro's main market is the 120 million-strong population of East Africa, the socially responsible company has the capability to export overseas and meet any quality, labeling, and branding requirements.

One of the most exciting prospects in Uganda is the support, development, and distribution of value-added natural ingredients, such as organic Shea butter, which can transform the lives of thousands of rural residents; once known as war victims and internally-displaced refugees, they now have the potential of being prosperous farmers of an ECOCERT-certified cash crop. Skin care products made with Shea butter are in large demand around the world, and Wispro is keen to ensure the highly-prized Ugandan variety enters the world market in full force.

Success of Wispro’s range of products in existing markets means the company is able to sustain and grow its community services each year, with a primary focus on education, nutrition and health care.

In-house, a majority of staff at Wispro are unionized, while all staff earn above-average wages and benefits. Most employees at the company have been in service for at least 5 years, with a good number having served for at least 10 or 15 years.

Partnering with Wispro would come with the confidence of environmental and social responsibility. In today’s world of mergers, partnerships, and licensing arrangements, if you would like a scandal-free, forward-thinking relationship with a well-run company in an emerging economy, Wispro is a viable option.

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  • Body Lotion

  • Body Creme

  • Petroleum Jelly

  • Haircare Products

  • Assorted Brands

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