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Sierra Fishing Co.

Sierra Fishing Co.

Freetown, Sierra Leone (see contact information)

"Established seafood business with global ambition and drive"

About us:

Sierra Fishing Company Ltd. is a vertically-integrated seafood business that has been operating for over 50 years, and is Sierra Leone’s largest supplier of seafood with an established network of eight fish depots across the country. The company also exports to other West African countries, including Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Liberia. Sierra Fishing Company is run by a management team that has the drive and ambition to make the Company a global supplier of quality seafood at a competitive price.

Headquartered in Freetown, Sierra Leone, the company recently embarked on an investment program to expand its fishing fleet, build a new processing factory and additional cold storage facilities. As a result, its monthly catch will increase from 3,000mt to 9,000mt within the next 12 months.

The company’s existing 1,500sq.m processing factory was built in 2004 to international standards. It has flake ice production, chill storage, processing rooms and blast freezing facilities, complete with a 40mt cold store and capacity to sort, size, grade and freeze approximately 20mt per day. However, the new 2,400sq.m factory, which is currently being built, also to international standards, will handle in excess of 100mt/day. The company can already accommodate in excess of 1,500mt in its cold stores and work is underway to build two new stores to increase this capacity to 6,500mt.

Once completed, the company’s new factory will facilitate the upgrade and conversion of its existing unit to provide value added products such as fillets, steaks, loins and shrimps, with the option to pack these in wholesale or retail formats.

The Sierra Fishing Company has a total fleet of fourteen trawlers through a combination of fully owned and joint venture vessels, six of which have freezing facilities on board, whilst the remaining trawlers land fresh fish direct to the factory. Two reefer vessels, with a combined capacity of 250mt, operate as carrier vessels and supply the company’s cold store in Liberia. Currently, the majority of the catch consists of demersal and benthic fish, however, our expansion plans will see pelagic species being targeted in the near future. This year, the company’s fleet will be expanded by an additional seven trawlers, including two new purse seiners capable of catching and freezing 60mt/day and a pelagic trawler with capacity for 100mt/day.

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