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Marvelous Flotea

Marvelous Flotea

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (see contact information)

"Textiles, beauty, food products by innovative Tanzanian business empowering women"

About us:

Marvelous Flotea is an innovative company merging the textile industry with the beauty sector as well as food processing activities. A key aim is the creation of employment for women and youth.

As Marvelous progresses in its vision of becoming a most reliable producer of quality creative art in the areas of beauty textile and healthy food, we thank all of our customers for their support so far – without which this project could not have been a success for Tanzanian women.

Marvelous Flotea has been the recipient of many awards and recognitions in Tanzania, Africa and globally.

The business was founded by Flotea Massawe in 2005, whose determination to succeed changed her “from a housewife to one of Tanzania’s most valued and successful entrepreneurs”.

Regarded as a “fearless woman who does not believe in failure” Flotea Massawe is a motivational speaker in addition to a successful entrepreneur.

Passionate about women’s health, economic empowerment and poverty alleviation at grassroots level, Ms. Massawe is both an inspiration and a motivator for other women to try to emulate her model of success.

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