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Amagara Skincare LTD

Amagara Skincare LTD

Kampala, Uganda (see contact information)

"Production company that produces high end, high quality skincare cosmetics"

About us:

Amagara Skincare products are a range of routine skincare products made from carefully selected natural ingredients that enriches, nourishes, and cares for all skin types.
Our Products are 100% made in Uganda and are a symbol of the potential of innovation and value addition to ordinary agricultural produce.
It is important to appreciate that you become a part of a family that embraces indigenous ingenuity and supports the livelihoods of everyday average Ugandan farmers.
We strive to provide the highest quality in every aspect of our brand, products and customer service when reaching customers. Therefore we believe that it is important that our work ethos and product is clearly communicated and shared with all stake holders to reach our desired mission statement.

We have a range of products comprising of Body Lotions, Hand crèmes, Facial Cremes, Shower gels, Shampoos and Hand washes.

These come in packs of 500ml for the following varieties: CUCUMBER, CARROT, ALOEVERA and PAPAYA. These products are made for all skin types and preferences, for particular one of the variety is dependent on customer choice. The labels on each of these products highlight the benefit of each variant.

These come in packs of 250ml and are in the following varieties, CARROT, CUCUMBER, PAPAYA and ALOEVERA. They have similar functionality with the body lotions, with altered formulations that are specifically engineered to benefit hand and body moisturization.

These come in packs of 500ml in the varieties of PINEAPPLE, PASSION FRUIT and PEPPERMINT. Each contains a number of unique properties that cleanses, refreshes and protects the skin. They are safe for use on all members of the family.

These come in packs of 500ml in the varieties of LEMON and WATER MELON. They are made with a formula that is tough on dirt and germs and gentle on the skin. They have an additional moisturizing element from there glycerin enriched formulas.

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