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About enables any African business to create a FREE mini-website within minutes! From here, African businesses can showcase their products and services to the World! Mini-websites can be shared on social media and international buyers or potential business partners can search for any African business by category and/or country and make contact through the mini-website.'s Mission is to promote an increase in African business and Quality, Value-Added exports to both global markets and between African countries.


There is a transformation towards Value-Added trade happening all over Africa right now. This is simply the processing of raw materials to add value in the domestic economy before export or sale. This can be seen from the processing of raw hides into finished leather products, to the manufacture of garments, to the creation of new and commercial fine art, to the export of finished tea and coffee products.


We believe Africa continues to strengthen because

11 of the top 20 fastest growing economies in the World are in sub-Saharan Africa 

Of the 20 countries with the highest projected compounded annual growth rates from 2013 through 2015, 11 are in sub-Saharan Africa. These are Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Gambia, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique & Sierra Leone, with GDP growth projections ranging from over 7% to 9%. 

Africa's Strengthening Manufacturing Base

Africa's domestic market of over 1 billion people combined with wage levels below rising wages in Asia will make Africa a strong manufacturing region. Demand in this sector will be further underpinned by vast growing middle class populations in cities all over the African continent.

A Different View to Investing in Africa

For roughly 40 years one of the biggest barriers to growth in Africa was a lack of Foreign Direct Investment. Now international investors and companies see Africa a key global investment destination.

Outside Private Sector Forces

Africa is becoming a location of greater strategic importance for many global corporations both in terms of their global market shares and their global workforces. This coupled with many companies striving to be better corporate citizens through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs is resulting in more socially responsible global supply chains and this involves purchasing higher Value-Added products from their countries of origin.

Internet and Mobile Technologies

Internet and mobile technologies give African exporters and businesses almost instant access to the World. African businesses can connect with new potential customers and partners within minutes. aims to facilitate these connections and we are working with all of our users both in Africa and around the World to focus on how we can continually improve our service.

Moving up the Value Chain

All of these factors combine to assist African economies move up the value chain faster to producing higher Value-Added products and materials for consumers and businesses all over the World. This current economic transition, as has previously occurred in developed economies all around the World, will likely lead many sub-Saharan African countries in leaving behind their status as Least Developed Countries (LDCs)..